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In the Car with Mother on Christmas Eve

            She is eighty-eight years old, she reminds me, my small, scrunched-up mother, as round as Santa with hair as white and fluffy as his beard.   “The tenth of February, I’ll be eighty-nine,” she announces.             The car clock says it’s 1:55 as we begin the one hundred-mile trip to my house for Christmas.   This is our tradition since my dad has been gone, six years.   Two years ago my brother David died.   This year I am divorced.   It’s hard to keep traditions going.   I punch buttons on the radio, trying to find Christmas songs.   I settle for a country station that plays oldies – Willie Nelson’s twangy “On the Road Again.” Serendipity.             “Belle has the same birthday as me, the tenth of February. She’s sixty and I’m eighty-eight,” Mother says.   “She embroidered twenty-seven pillowcases for Christmas presents.   My eyesight’s not good enough to do hand-work anymore.”             All of this before we leave the city limits.   We pass the funeral h